Estamos aqui para tornar a sua estadia em Porto Santo inesquecível!!
We are here to make your staying in Porto Santo unforgettable!!


Um pensamento sobre “PORTO SANTO

  1. “Very impressed with this family run tour of Porto Santo”
    June 29th 2013
    I was very impressed with the tour we had with Lazermar around Porto Santo Island. A family run business and our driver Higino was brilliant. Higino lives on the island with his family and with his expert local knowledge took us to all the interesting places and explained in great detail all about Porto Santos flora and fauna. The views were spectacular and Higino explained all about how the islands use of bio fuels, salt desalination plants and the use of solar panels allows the island to be environment friendly and how the residents are all helping to preserve the island. I never read this in any guide book. The Botanical garden is truly an Oasis in the desert and a must see before you leave- One man had a vision and now he shares it to all who visit an ingenious plan from a dream. The tour lasts about 2 hours with plenty of photo stops enroute. It certainly helps you get your bearings for exploring on bike if you are staying for more than a day. The cafe at the end of the beach looks great if you are walking from the town!. The tour guides speak nearly all languages in a very friendly manner and their inside knowledge for places to stay and eat were very helpful. We all had a very enjoyable and fun couple of hours. Can be booked through the ferry as a package or direct online. Thankyou for a most memorable visit to Porto Santo.

    Trip Adviser has many more excellent reviews for more comments from visitors.

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